Why Advocacy

The Allied Arts Council (AAC) endeavours to increase appreciation, understanding, and support for artists and arts organizations in our community through a number of initiatives and activities, as well as, by building and maintaining strong relationships with our members, stakeholders, and the larger community. Some of that advocacy work includes participating on community boards and committees, conducting arts economic impact studies, surveying political candidates on their platforms, and giving a voice to the needs of the arts community.

Consider adding your voice to the advocacy work of the AAC by becoming a member to stay informed about arts issues affecting the community, participate in letter writing campaigns, and provide your feedback in surveys.

Arts Impact Studies

In 2014, the Allied Arts Council released Arts Profile Lethbridge, a publication that provided information on the positive impact of the arts sector on the Lethbridge economy. This publication, based on surveys and research, is an important tool for advocacy work. The Executive Summary is attached below. Please contact the 7 Street Office for a copy of the entire report.

In 2022, the AAC began working with Nichols Applied Management to once again survey artists and the community to gather new data. Results will be released in 2023.

Performing Arts Centre

The Allied Arts Council supports the building of a new Performing Arts Centre as part of the Arts Re:Building Together campaign. This building would address the deficiencies in our current performing arts venues and would provide much needed performance space for many local arts organizations.

To this end, the AAC supports the efforts of the Performing Arts Centre Advocacy Group (PACAG) to bring this essential project to fruition. Learn more about this vital project and add your voice to the ongoing advocacy work.

Election Survey Archive

Provincial Election 2023

Pat Chizek, Lethbridge-West, Alberta Liberal Party
Braham Luddu, Lethbridge-West, Alberta Party
Helen McMenamin, Lethbridge-East, Alberta Liberal Party
Rob Miyashiro, Lethbridge-East, New Democratic Party
Nathan Neudorf, Lethbridge-East, United Conservative Party
Shannon Phillips, Lethbridge-West, New Democratic Party
Cheryl Seaborn, Lethbridge-West, United Conservative Party

Federal Election 2021

Geoffrey Capp, Christian Heritage Party
Rachael Harder, Conservative Party of Canada, Elected
Devon Hargreaves, Liberal Party of Canada
Kimmie Hovan, People’s Party of Canada
Elaine Perez, New Democratic Party
Kim Siever, Independent

Municipal Election 2021

Mayoral Candidates

Sheldon Joseph Day Chief
Blaine Hyggen, Elected
Gary L. Klassen
Keean Lehtinen
Bridget Mearns
Kolton (the Maniac) Menzak
Stephen Mogdan

Councillor Candidates:

Kelti Baird
Marissa Black
Mark Campbell, Elected
Jeff Carlson, Elected
Ben Christensen
Belinda Crowson, Elected
Rajko Dodic, Elected
Rufa Doria
Jerry Firth
Bill Ginther
Zachary Hampton
Dale Leier
Ryan Lepko
Darcy Logan
Shelby J. MacLeod
Bernard Mbonihankuye
John Middleton-Hope, Elected
Nick Paladino, Elected
Ryan Parker, Elected
Harold Pereverseff
Michael Petrakis
Jenn (Jennifer) Prosser
Chris Rowley
Wally Schenk
Jenn Schmidt-Rempel, Elected
Suketu Shah
Boyd Thomas
Tim VanderBeek
Robin Walker
Bradley Whalen
Davey Wiggers
Ryan Wolfe