AAC Team

7th Street Team

Jana McKenzie stands in a hallway at Casa wearing a bright yellow sweater.

Jana MacKenzie

Executive Director
P: (403) 320-0555
E: director@artslethbridge.org

Danielle Gibson

Finance | Human Resources
P: (403) 320-0555
E: finance@artslethbridge.org

Kelaine Devine

Communications | Marketing
P: (403) 320-0555
E: communications@artslethbridge.org

Emma Aubie

AAC Works | volunteers
P: (403) 320-0555
E: works@artslethbridge.org
Steven Foord standing in front of A Geometry of Sky at Casa

Steven Foord

P: (403) 320-0555
E: engagement@artslethbridge.org

Katie Bruce

Public Art
P: (403) 320-0555
E: publicart@artslethbridge.org

Casa Team

Brad Goruk

Operations | Facility
P: (403) 327-2272
E: operations@artslethbridge.org

Darcy Logan

Curator | Gallery Services
P: (403) 327-2272
E: gallery@artslethbridge.org

Courtney Faulkner

P: (403) 327-2272
E: education@artslethbridge.org

Aaron Hagan

Clay Services
P: (403) 327-2272
E: 3dtech@artslethbridge.org

Angeline Simon

Social Media
P: (403) 327-2272
E: socials@artslethbridge.org