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Heavy Airship lands hard. With a decade of performing experience through sold-out Canadian venues, they deliver a high-energy, a higher volume and a technically mind-bending performance that floors Zeppelin fans and incites the primal spirit of rock-and-roll across generations of audiences.

Heavy Airship is a heavy flash-back to the true Zeppelin experience, with adept accuracy the four band members bring to life the face-melting guitar licks of Page, absolute ground-breaking bass-grooves and drum beats of Jones and Bonham and the soaring, ethereal vocal leads of Plant. Their live performance reminds you exactly what Led Zeppelin was about: The 4 best musicians of the era, all on one stage, just shredding out grooves. Heavy airship throws aside what you thought was possible from a cover band and channels the pure, untamed force of Zeppelin.

With a relentless repertoire spanning the band’s full era, their multi-set live shows cover the best material from each album. Their show is packed, start to finish with heavy hitters like Rock and Roll, Good Times Bad Times, soaring, experimental jams like Kashmere and technical masterpieces such as Communication Breakdown and Since I’ve Been loving You.

The house is packed and buzzing with anticipation. Freddy Lepage in power stance (Shilo Doetzel), the first chords of the show chug out a familiar, distorted, heavy riff (Whole Lotta Love); Craigert plant approaches the stage front (Craig Thiessen), raises his mic, head craned back – And the first lines to blast out are an EXACT tonal replica of Robert Plant. As Larz Bonzo (Tyler Larsen) and Jonesy John Michaels (Corey Mullin) drop the band into the groove with drums and bass, the entire venue erupts. What you’re hearing could by all means be a Zeppelin Live concert recording from ‘69, except it’s being played live, out of blaring speakers, right in front of your face.

A dance floor of jean-clad 20 somethings are jumping with excitement to the heavy grooves and impressive licks being delivered song after song, while the original generations of die-hard Zeppelin fans including bikers and hippies with long beards and bandanas have all come out to head bang and raise devil horns to this aggressive euphony launching from the stage.

You are going to headbang all night long, you are going to shout FψÅëk Yeah!, you are going to sing along at the top of your lungs and you are going to stare at the stage in absolute fψÅëking disbelief that you are actually witnessing these legendary tracks being played flawlessly, passionately, live in front of you! Your zest for Zeppelin will be reinvigorated and Heavy Airship will leave you with the soundtrack of the golden era of rock music rattling in your head and you wanting more of it!

Born out of pure, rugged inspiration to bring rock music back to this legendary level of mastery, the band members have been walking this devoted path together for 20 years. This incubation period and their 10 years of on-road touring experience is completely apparent as you watch the musicians bring the presence of legends to the stage to pull off masterful performances of each song, missing no stops, missing not one note from Page’s breakneck solos or Bonhams violent tom-roll fills. It’s all there, the true experience that inspired a generation of rockers, ready to crash-land stages across Canada and beyond!



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Saturday, July 27 at 7:30 pm

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