Theatre Outré

Theatre Outré is unusual and unexpected, startling and subversive, bizarre and bold, extravagant and evocative. Theatre Outré creates, produces, and presents theatre that is queer in either form or subject, an alternative to what is offered in the mainstream. We strive to entertain and provoke audiences with a combination of new works or reimagining classical canonical plays through an Outré lens.

Our programming and operations are motivated by the following guiding principles: We provide an uncensored, uplifting, and uncompromising voice to those in our community who are often considered to exist beyond the fringes of social propriety, sexual norms and gendered expectations.

Our goal is to make a concerted effort to employ Queer (2SLGBTQIA+) artists, artists who choose to live, work or study in the Lethbridge area, and Albertan artists. We strive to make our work and the artists we hire known to communities outside of Lethbridge through tours and other forms of inter-community outreach.