Vox Musica Choral Society

Our ensemble brings choral music to audiences in Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta, and gives the people of this area an opportunity to participate in the public performance of choral work.

We have from 60 to 80 members each year, ranging from 19 to 91 years of age, and including beginners to seasoned veterans enjoying their fourth decade with the choir. The choir rehearses weekly, and we welcome new singers every September and January. Our repertoire includes everything from folk and theatre music to opera choruses and classic choral gems.

We are frequent guests of the Lethbridge Symphony Orchestra and collaborate often with other local vocal and instrumental ensembles. In the past decade, Vox has also performed seasonal mini-concerts at health care facilities and seniors’ residences in Lethbridge.

In all these experiences, Vox singers have discovered how making music together is both exhilarating and humbling. Most of all, singing together creates community. We learn to breathe together, listen to our neighbours, express ourselves in multiple languages, and master new harmonies and melodies. In Vox, we experience a togetherness based on a core value: less of me, more of us. In a choir, the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts.

Vox Musica Choral Society is registered as a not-for-profit society, with officers elected annually.