Rainbow Bazaar

fashion jewelry, knitted sweaters and scarves, crocheted scrubbies, sewn market bags, paintings, magnets, candles, art prints, stickers – all handmade

The Leathersmith

Deerskin gloves, specializing in finger lengths to fit all shapes of hands, tapestry and leather pillows and shopping bags, triangle cross body bags, small purses.
Brenda Munnings

Brenda Munnings

Imagine a cozy wool washcloth wrapped around a bar of soap that shrinks together with use. I use Marino and/or Corrieadale wool, which are antimicrobial and gently exfoliate. Kaolin clay helps remove impurities and helps retain scent. Our unique names, scents and...

Ruth Adams Studios

I make both functional and sculptural ceramics with a focus on decorative surface design. I make figurative, animal and abstract sculptures and for the functional pieces I make urns, dinnerware, mugs bowls etc.

JEM Originals

Small diaries with painted covers. Alcohol ink jewellery. Alcohol ink tiles and coasters. Small watercolour and alcohol ink original matted prints. Hand painted bookmarks.

My Sunshine Dreams

Handbuilt botanical pottery line includes mugs, bowls, plates, teapot and vases. Whimsical pieces include gnomes, mushrooms, critters, ornaments and snowmen.

Heather Kehoe

I’m a multidisciplinary research-based visual artist that primarily works in embroidery, supplemented by quilting, sewing, painting, and drawing.
Shermayn Menicoche

Shermayn Menicoche

I am an Dene art who creates luxury jewelry and accessories with the use of beads, hide, antler, quills, birch bark, fur, feathers and other natural materials. My inspiration comes from my Dene roots.