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Chinook Woodturning Guild

Fine Craft, Visual Arts, Woodwork


The Chinook Woodturning Guild provides opportunities for skill enhancement, as well as promotes friendship, support and an exchange of knowledge. The Guild has secured the required equipment to fulfill the organization’s goals, and keeps pace with the constantly evolving world of woodturning. Invites nationally and internationally recognized woodturners for demonstrations and workshops.

Julie Wons



I am interested in selling wares from two woodworking projects: renewed vintage bowls and new cutting boards. • The bowl project is a 100% recycling project. Each bowl gets a full makeover, starting with a ‘before’ picture. The first stage is removal. Decades of finish are scraped off and each bowl is sanded down to bare wood, revealing waves of grain, texture and colour. The bowl interiors are left natural and a brand new surface treatment is applied to the exterior. The exterior treatments are varied – either branded, charred, ebonized, marbled, painted, pickled, stained or natural. To complete the makeover, the bowls are finished with a mixture of mineral oil and beeswax, protecting the wood but remaining tactile. • I collect vintage bowls from the mid-century modern era. These offer timeless shapes and a range of wood species, from teak bowls designed in Denmark and made in Thailand to maple bowls from Canada and Japan. • The cutting boards are crafted of either new maple or cherry and feature a slope on one side and curved slots for handholds. They are also ‘coded’, with an ‘M’ for meat or a ‘V’ for vegetables. The dotted letters are made of plugs of contrasting wood and appear on both sides of the boards. The boards are finished with a deep soak of mineral oil and two coats of wood butter.

Trudy Pearson

Ceramics, Woodwork


Many of my pieces are one of a kind. I also use carving, piercing, wax resist, and impressions in the clay body to add texture and movement to my pieces. M

A wood cutting board with epoxy river inside

Twisted Wood Works!



I use a variety of local and exotic wood and epoxy to create a variety of items that allow me to explore my artistic side. these include charcuterie boards, vanity trays, bandsaw boxes, pizza peels, presentation boards and new items that come as ideas or requests..