Arts Profile Lethbridge
Arts Profile Lethbridge
Arts Profile Lethbridge : Full Report

The Board of Directors of the Allied Arts Council have believed for years that artists and arts organizations contribute not only to the quality of life in Lethbridge, but also to our local economy and beyond.

Our intuition tells us we have a strong, diverse arts community contributing real dollars to our local economy. As the City of Lethbridge continues to grow, we felt it would be beneficial to have an accurate snapshot of the arts community. A decision was made in 2012 to embark on a project to gather information and data about the artists and arts organizations of Lethbridge and their beneficial impact.

We are thrilled with the results of this economic impact study and are delighted to see just how much our arts community contributes to our economy. This economic impact study will be an asset as we continue to advocate the importance and positive impact of the arts to the residents in our community.

Thank you to Shilpa Stocker (Westwinds Management Solutions (Alberta) Inc.) and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts for their significant work and contributions to this report. We also extend a sincere thank you to the hundreds of artists and arts organizations that helped contribute to this study and who help make Lethbridge a great place to live.