Arts Directory

The Arts Directory provides a comprehensive listing of Lethbridge and area artists, arts organizations and businesses that are members of the AAC.  Published annually, the Arts Directory is available in various locations across Lethbridge including the AAC Office, tourism offices, the Galt Museum and Lethbridge Public Library. Included within the Arts Directory is a Public Art Map useful for walking tours.

The publication is available at no cost to the public.



Annual Report 

The Annual Report is produced each year for the Annual General Meeting. It provides comprehensive details about the activities of the Allied Arts Council in the previous year.  The report is available to download. A print copy can be obtained at the AGM or picked up at the AAC office.


ArtsBridge magazine is currently on hiatus. Look for different iterations to appear in the future.  Back issues of ArtsBridge are available to pick up at the AAC office. ArtsBridge builds awareness about the arts in the Lethbridge and area community. Each themed issue profiles local artists, groups, events, facilities and history.  The publication features contributions from local writers, photographers and artists. ArtsBridge is available at no cost to the public.

All past issues are available in the side navigation. Please stop by the AAC office to pick up a print copy of the current issue.