Honourary Members
Honourary Members

The AAC Board of Directors has throughout the years inducted long-serving members of the arts community as Honourary Members. The bestowal of Honourary Membership includes recognition, member benefits and an individual vote at the AGM for the entirety of their lifetime.

From L to R: Kathy Hopkins, Laura Kenwood, Ronald Maarten Brown, Dr. Barbara Lacey, Karen Kay and Donna Gallant. Not pictured Shirley Wyngaard.

To nominate an Honourary Member, please download and submit this form: AAC Honourary Membership Nomination Package

Honourary Member Roll

Barb Cunningham
Donna Gallant
Gloria Torrance
Karen Kay
Kathy Hopkins
Laura Kenwood
Ronald Maarten Brown
Shirley Wyngaard

Memorial Honour Roll

Aileen Jones
Albert (Bert) C. Evins
Anna Gangur
Annie Lundy
Arthur K. Putland
Dr. Barbara Lacey
Carol Patricia Germaine Watkinson
Charles R. Matthews
Christian (Chris) Gibson
Clare St. Clair Malmberg
Doris Vivian Balcovske
Elva Bussard
George Brenner McKillop
George Watson Sr.
Harold (Harry) Turner
Horace Barrett
Leslie T. Allen
Mabelle Bryans
Phillip J. Collins
Ralph B. McKenzie
Dr. Van E. Christou
William Fairbairn