Friend Members
Friend Members

Associate Membership is available to any business or corporate enterprise that is supportive of arts endeavours but may or may not be involved in the arts.

AAC Associate Members
Angry Monkey Tattoo
Classique Dancewear
FWBA Architects
Helen Schuler Nature Centre
Hillcrest Naturals
Jerry Arnold Gallery
L.A. Beat
Lethbridge Audio Visual
Lethbridge Kendo Club
Lethbridge living
Penny Coffee House
Pop Up Yoga
Positive Culture Company
Savill Group Architecture
SONGER architecture
Sonic Multimedia
Tai Chi & Co.
The Studio
Warwick Printing
AAC Friend Members
Individual Friends
Amanda Berg
Kathy Brandt
Sharon Ferrari
Moh Harris
Kathy Hopkins
Rose Jurisich
Karen Kay
Laura Kenwood
Sheldon Klassen
Dr. Barbara Lacey
Sheila MacKenzie
Greg Norman
Wendy Osborn
Scott Rowland
Chris Rowley
Jen Schmidt-Rempel
Jasmine Slater
Sharla Span
Nicola Spencer
Pamela Vera
Sandra White
Shirley Wyngaard
Family Friends
Greg & Marcia Bialobzyski
Bob & Sandy Brunelle
Darryl & Suzy Christiansen
Rod and Martha Draffin
Louise Drysdale & Susan Anderson
Ike & Diana Lanier
Tweela Houtekamer & Paul Lowrie
Lorraine Lee & Gerry Dunne
Peggy Mezei & Robert Moffat
Dave Morris
Don & Helen Reeves
Stanley & Gloria Torrance
Business Friends

The Last Chance Cat Ranch

AAC Allied and Artist Members

For a complete list of Allied and Artist members categorized by discipline, click here.