Soar Visual Art Project
Soar Visual Art Project

Soar Visual Arts Project
Emerging Visual Artists create memorable installations and experiences in the AAC Works Artist Kiosks

Artists at Work: Friday, September 27 & Saturday, September 28
Installations open to the public: Saturday, September 28, 7:00pm and Sunday, September 29 11:00am – 2:00pm

Plant Adoption work and performance by Alyssa Ellis
With the rising interest in cultivating green spaces, Alyssa Ellis encourages individuals to explore their relationship with house plants. Their performance practice strives towards limiting the barriers between humans and plant adoption by facilitating the process.
The kiosk space will be filled with rooted plant cuttings, which are available to anyone who would like to take one. The only caveat is that they must provide their own vessel for transport – pot, jar, or even yogurt container.  Ellis will be present onsite to facilitate matches, give advice, and engage in conversations with the public.
Alyssa Ellis is a performance artist working in Calgary, AB.
 please return to sender work by Angeline Simon
This installation reflects the ongoing issues of excess waste and consumption especially in light of countries like Malaysia and the Philippines sending back garbage to Canada and other countries that have attempted to relocate their waste. The focus of this project is to highlight banal objects of waste, by displaying them in an overwhelming quantity, and to motivate viewers to consider the impact of consumerism.
Simon’s work will be a mass accumulation of single-use plastic bags installed in the kiosks. Angeline Simon is a Lethbridge based artist working in photography, collage, and installation.