AAC Board

President: Margaret (Peggy) Mezei
Vice-President: Ian Zadeiks
Secretary: Jeremy Duchan
Treasurer: Scott Rowland

John Oxley
David Gabert
Sharon Stevenson-Ferrari
Janene Moch

If you have any inquiries regarding the board of directors, please contact  Margaret (Peggy) Mezei at:


Please find below the details and attachments for the Virtual AGM March 30, at 7:00pm.

The order of business will include:
– Approval of Agenda
– Approval of Minutes from March 31, 2020 Annual General Meeting
– Treasurer’s Report
– 2020 Annual Financial Statement
– Appointment of Financial Auditors for 2021
– Other Business
– Election of Board of Directors

To register for the AGM, please email Voting Allied Members must be in good standing prior to March 29, at 4:30pm.

Zoom link:

AGM 2021 Package

The attachments including AGM Package and Annual Report will be attached closer to the AGM date.