Municipal Development Plan
Municipal Development Plan

Read the Municipal Development Plan Go to pages 101 – 105 to see the part that affects the Arts Community.

“This document (MDP) describes a vision and desired outcomes for the future of Lethbridge and includes objectives and policies for how the city will work towards that vision through land use decisions, development management, and investment in infrastructure and programs.” The AAC is pleased to see the arts included in the draft MDP that is currently being reviewed by City Council as we believe strongly that a strong arts presence is a critical part of a vision for our City and an import outcome for its future.

We applaud and support the inclusion of all season artistic and cultural events; ongoing cultural and heritage education, awareness-raising, and celebration through experience-based cultural events that showcase cultural groups as well as community involvement in the delivery of artistic and cultural events and festivals. However, we know that maintaining and growing a truly vibrant arts eco-system requires more than events and festivals. It is our experience that having a strong community of artists is the path to a community’s cultural vibrancy. We feel that there are elements missing from the current draft that are needed to support artists thus ensuring a vision for a strong and vibrant arts community.

City Council has the opportunity in this MDP to create a framework that encourages artists to live and work in our City. When the AAC presented to the Community Issues Committee on October 26, 2020 we recommended consideration of a number of policy statements that would help to support artists. These included: the development and approval of a civic arts policy (rather than policy guidelines); support for facilities that adequately support artistic activities; a regulatory environment that supports artists, artistic practices and arts initiatives; and funding strategies that sustain an arts ecosystem.

The positive impacts of arts activities are widely understood. There are numerous studies indicating the arts improve the quality of life for individuals. A vibrant art sector impacts our economy by enhancing economic diversity; as a consideration when people are deciding where to live or locate a business, by helping to retain citizens which is especially relevant in a community that attracts students from other areas, by creating a strong tourism environment and through the support of businesses and paying of taxes by individuals who derive all or part of their income from an arts practice.

Lethbridge is a much better place because of its community of artists. It is our hope that the new MDP will include statements that strongly indicate their value to our City.

Peggy Mezei, AAC President
Suzanne Lint, AAC Executive Director

Notice of Public Hearing

March 1-5, 2021 at 4pm daily – Arts will be discussed on Tuesday, March 2 See schedule here.
Council Chamber at City Hall

Live Stream will be available at:

If you wish to make a written submission on the Bylaw, fill out a submission form no later than Friday, February 26, 2021.

You may also make a verbal presentation at the Public Hearing in March. Presentations are limited to five minutes. Please contact to confirm your attendance.

We always encourage artists to write City Council. Though this information must be received prior to the beginning of the hearing.

​​Mayor Chris Spearman ​Office: 403-320-3823
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​Councillor Mark Campbell Cell: 403-360-0808​
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​Councillor Blaine Hyggen ​Cell: 403-380-9530
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​Councillor Rob Miyashiro ​Cell: 403-360-5000
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